Flooring Systems

Cameron Automation has the technology to automate your flooring nesting, bundling and pack operation for both strip flooring and wide plank.  Cameron Automation can also help with Out-Feed Roller Conveyors to convey, strap and stack your flooring bundles.

  • Flooring Nesters can nest and bundle strip, wide plank, and engineered flooring.
  • Manual Nesting Stations to compliment the Flooring Nesters.
  • Roller Conveyors and Accessories to convey, compress, strap, and stack flooring bundles.
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#516A Rack & Stack

Rack & Stack Front

The Cameron Automation Rack & Stack The Rack & Stack is the second generation of Cameron Automation’s Flooring Nesters. Designed to nest flooring strips up to 5″ wide and bundles up to 7.5′ long, the Rack & Stack is 20% more productive, takes up 1/2 the space, and requires less operator intervention than our previous […]

#513B – Flooring Nester

Stacking and packaging of nested bundles of Hardwood Flooring has always been a manual process. Cameron Automation has revolutionized this process with the Flooring Nester

The Cameron Flooring Nester is an elegant, efficient blend of hardware and software for the stacking and packaging of nested bundles of Engineered & Hardwood Flooring